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If there is numeral 2 in the field "Number ", this does not mean that you get two of the same kind as you order this Part Number.
It accurately means that 2 units (as the part´s default unit) are installed at this point in the vehicle. So you must order twice if you want to have 2 pieces (such as brake disc).

Which side of the vehicle is LEFT?
-The vehicle is always seen in the driving direction, that is, the left side of the driver.


Can an order can also be done by telephone?
-No, orders can only be generated through the shop. If there are questions for the handling of the shop please call
Mr. Barg +49 34425-182115 .
How quickly the product is shipped?
- All parts with delivery time !" 1-2 days " are in stock. Depending on the time when the order is paid we send out on the same day. The other parts with longer times for delivery are located in a stock in Abu Dhabi, Washiongton or Singapur, the transport takes a long time.
The DPD car picks up the packages at 4.30 pm. For the time of transport please see table Shipping costs .
Immediately after ordering you get a confirmation email for control, further an email when your payment is received and another email with the tracking code after your package was handed over to the forwarder.

Where can I find the 17-digit-VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) ? This is noticed in the papers and in the left down corner of the windscreen. For further informations please see at  wikipedia .

Is it possible to deliver to other countries than these of the European Economic Area ? Yes , in this shop we can deliver worldwide. Also sales to resellers is allowed.



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